Our Services

Baker Personnel/Temps makes placements in the following positions:

Accounting Clerks, Administrative Assistants, Customer Service Representatives, Data Entry Operators, General Clerks, Payroll Clerks, Receptionists, Receptionists with Word Processing Skills, Secretaries, Shipping/Receiving Clerks, Warehouse - Pickers/Packers & Assemblers.

All placements are guaranteed.  No Fees ever to the applicants.  Job assignments can be either short or long term, full-time or part-time.  Complete job description and duties are furnished to better enable the candidates to perform in the position offered.  Travel directions are provided to each job assignment.  Raises are commensurate with job performance and length of service.  Many assignments begin as temporary but can lead to a career position.  Working as a temporary provides both the candidates and firms the opportunity to work with each other to secure a suitable match.  

Baker Personnel/Temps can provide special reports for the client firms detailing in depth, the usage in each department. Tailor made reports can be provided that will help the Human Resources Department budget their allowable finances. These reports present a detailed overview of the cost of the temporary employees in each department.